480mm×480mm Fine Pixel Pitch Rental LED Display

Affichage LED HD 480×480 Small cabinet size with 480*480mm, ultra-lightweight and space saving,  adopting high quality high refresh rate LED display panel with 240mm*240mm. dual service from frontal side or rear

Ultra HD Rental LED Display

Leeman LED MA480 series Fine Pixel Pitch LED display with Ultra-thin cabinet design, 480*480mm small size cabinet,
dual Service Panel, High refresh rate SMD LED to to deliver high definition visual experience.

Léger et de petite taille

Small size cabinet with 480*480mm, ultra Thin & Light weight design for easy-taking and portable, assemble and disassemble.
Not only save space, but also save labor cost.

Structure parfaite

LEEMAN HD LED Display 480×480 fine pitch LED display is designed with perfect cabinet design, top and side fast lock for fast connecting , Top & side Handle for easy carry and operate, stable Power& signal connector and more.

240×240mm LED display module

LEEMAN 480*480mm LED display use high quality LED screen panels with 240mm×240mm size, high refresh rate, High contrast and high grey scale, pure black mask design, dual service for easy operation, .P1.5mm, P1.66mm, P1.875mm, P2mm, P2.5mm, P3mm is available

Double service de maintenance

LEEMAN MA480 Series HD LED screen is designed with front and rear service. Magnet LED screen panel is used to make the LED display
is fast accessed from frontal side. easily operated and install.

Grand angle de vision

new extension technology so that the image is not distorted. Viewing angle is up to 160° vertical and horizontal, providing a wide viewing angle to achive more target audience

Installation Way

LEEMAN MAX 500 Series LED Display can be installed with Ground Stack Installation, Hanging Installation, Special shape / Panel Dislocation Installation, Concave & convex installation Easy, fast, quickly and save time.

MA480 HD LED Display

Pas de pixel1.875mm2mm2,5 mm3mm
Pixels par armoire256×256 (HxV)240×240 (HxV)192×192 (HxV)160×160 (HxV)
Durée de vie des LED100 000h (vidéo - luminosité 50%)
Luminosité800 – 1000 nits;
Taille des modules250*250mm
Résolution des modules128*128dots120*120dots96*96points80*80dots
Fréquence de rafraîchissement960-3 840Hz
Hor. angle de vue140° +/-5° (luminosité (@50%)
Vert. angle de vue140° +/-5° (luminosité (@50%)
Uniformité de la luminosité>98%
Niveau de gris16 bits
Consommation électrique moyenne350W/m²320W/m²300W/m²280W/m²
Consommation maximale680W/m²640W/m²620W/m²600W/m²
Tension d'alimentation de fonctionnement100-240V / 50-60Hz
Température de fonctionnement-10°C à +40°C / 14°F à 104°F
Humidité opérationnelle10-80%
Classement IPIP54 pour l'intérieur, IP65 pour l'extérieur
Dimensions480 x 480 x 80 mm (WxHxD)
Weight5.5 kg
Facilité d'entretienService avant et arrière
CertificatsCE, UL, FCC classe A, RoHS, WEE, REACH
garantieGarantie produit standard de 2 ans
Des produits


160*160 dots/module
240*240mm Panel
480*480mm Cabinet


96*96 points/module
240*240mm Panel
480*480mm Cabinet


144*144 dots/module
240*240mm Panel
480*480mm Cabinet


80*80 dots/module
240*240mm Panel
480*480mm Cabinet


128*128 dots/module
240*240mm Panel
480*480mm Cabinet


120*120 dots/module
240*240mm Panel
480*480mm Cabinet

MA480 HD Rental LED Display 480×480