Flexible Soft LED Display Module

P1.2 P1.5 P1.6 P1.8 P2 P2.3 P2.5 P3 P4 Flexible LED Module 300mmx168.75mm. The main feature of Flexible LED Screen Panel is that the LED panel is soft, flexible.
Compare to indoor fixed LED display and outdoor fixed LED display, the flexible LED panel can be any designed forrolled,
bend and swing to do any shape LED video wall as you want.

High Quality Indoor Flexible LED Screen Panel

Gold Wire SMD LED Chips

We choose high quality LED chips such as NATIONSTAR, NICHIA, CREE, Kinglight for Soft flexible LED display modules to ensure high refresh rate with best color uniformity.

High Flexibility

The flexible LED module can be replaced or taken out from the front side easily. It can form special-shape LED display as you like to make the screen more fashionable and attractive.

SMD 3 in 1 LED

Adopting high reliable SMD1010, SMD1212, SMD1515, SMD2121, SMD3528 to ensure Soft flexible LED screen modules with high refresh rate 3840Hz.

Front Maintenance

Flexible LED display panel adopts highly magnetic magnets, which makes front service is available for the flexible LED screen. Installation and operation is very easy and convenient.

240x120mm Series Flexible Soft LED LED Display Module

픽셀 피치LED 유형모듈 크기(MM)모듈 해상도운전 모드재생률(Hz)밝기(니트)
P2.5mmSMD1515240*12096*481/24Scan1920 / 3840≥800
P3mmSMD2121240*12080*401/20Scan1920 / 3840≥1000
P4mmSMD2121240*12060*301/15Scan1920 / 3840≥700
픽셀 피치LED 유형모듈 크기(MM)모듈 해상도운전 모드재생률(Hz)밝기(니트)
P2.5mmSMD1515320*160128*641/32Scan1920 / 3840≥800
P3.076mmSMD2121320*160104*521/26Scan1920 / 3840≥800
P5mmSMD2121320*16064*321/16스캔1920 / 3840≥800
픽셀 피치LED 유형모듈 크기(MM)모듈 해상도운전 모드재생률(Hz)밝기(니트)
P4mmSMD2121256*12864*321/16스캔1920 / 3840≥1000
Indoor Flexible Soft LED Display Module 320×160