This is a Platinum P10 Outdoor Fixed LED Display 960×960 to be shipped to Italy.

This LED display uses a solution where the cables are connected from the inside of the cabinet, avoiding the clutter of cables seen from the outside.

The dimensions of the individual cabinets are 960x960mm. This batch is assembled with 28 0.96 sqm cabinets to form a large 6.72×3.84m display.

High quality P10 2s 320×320 outdoor LED module.

High quality P10 320×160 outdoor LED module.

This product uses high quality outdoor P10 2S module with brightness up to 6000cd/m2 and refresh rate up to 1920Hz, which can reach IP65 level of protection with the cabinet.

Control Card

The control system uses the Novastar TB6 media player, which is equipped with a 4G module to allow customers to control the display using their cell phones.

The receiving card uses MRV336, one installed in each cabinet.

According to the customer’s demand, a brightness sensor NS060-5A was added to adjust the brightness of the display only according to the outdoor brightness to achieve the effect of energy saving.

Power Supply

The power supply uses high quality South creative’s NDA200HS5

Input: 190-264VAC

Output: 5V 40A

Cooling method

4 high quality cooling fans installed in each cabinet

Waterproof sealing strips

High-quality waterproof sealing strips can ensure that users do not need to worry about the risk of water ingress during normal use.

Waterproof sealing strips

Platinum P10 Outdoor Fixed LED Display 960x960mm, Fully Front Maintenance Platinum DOOH Full Color LED Screen. Open holes at the top, bottom, sides, and sides of the cabinet to allow network cables and power cables connected between the cabinets to pass through here. In this way, the outside of the cabinet will be very neat and no extra wires will be seen.