GOB LED Display Module

GOB LED Display Module is also names as GLUE ON BOARD LED screen module,
it features Ultra High Moisture-proof, Waterproof, Anti-collision to protect LEDs

High Waterproof Level

With the innovative glue-filled seal on the surface of the module. it can well protect the LED on the LED module from water.
Use advanced new material to cover the lamp surface to provide effective protection. the Ultra-high waterproof level is IP68.

Hohe Stoßfestigkeit

Special-designing dash-proof glue able to have shock-proof function, offering ultra high protection for LEDs in the various impacts. Chip on Board also known as COB LED displays are LEDs formed by multiple tiny chips bonded to the substrate creating a single module

High Dust-Proof Level

With high sealing performance of new material, the GOB LED screen panel is totally dust-free with excellent clarity,
and offers excellent visual effecrt with high refresh rate and uniformity color.

Excellent Visual Performance

Led Modul The new material glue does not only has ultra-high transparency but also has excellent thermal conductivity.
Compared with traditional LED modules. COB LED Module can also provide lifelike colors and a visual appearance.

Can Used for Flexible GOB LED Panel
GOB LED Module Real Shot Display

LeemanLED 500C2 series LED Display cabinet weighs 7KG/pc, easy to operate: one person to install, disassemble and maintain.

GOB LED Display COB LED Screen Aging Test

320x160mm Series GOB LED Screen Panel

PixelabstandLED-TypModulgröße (MM)Modul PixelFahrmodusBildwiederholfrequenz (Hz)Helligkeit (Nissen)
P1,25 mm1010 (Black LED)320*160256*1281/64Scan3840600-800
P1.538mm1010 (Black LED)320*160208*1041/52Scan3840600-800
P1.667mm1010 (Black LED)320*160192*961/64Scan3840600-800
P1.839mm1515 (schwarze LED)320*160174*871/58Scan3840600-800
P1,86 mm1515 (schwarze LED)320*160172*861/43 Scannen3840600-800
P2mm1515 (schwarze LED)320*160160*801/40 Scan1920 / 3840600-800
P2,5 mm2121 (schwarze LED)320*160128*641/32 Scannen1920 / 3840800-1000
P3.076mm2121 (schwarze LED)320*160104*521/26 Scannen1920 / 3840800-1000

250x250mm Series GOB LED Display Panel

PixelabstandLED-TypModulgröße (MM)Modul PixelFahrmodusBildwiederholfrequenz (Hz)Helligkeit (Nissen)
P2.604mm1515 (schwarze LED)250*25096*961/32 Scannen3840800-1000
P2,976 mm2121 (schwarze LED)250*25084*841/28Scan1920 / 3840800-1000
P3,91 mm2121 (schwarze LED)250*25064*641/16 Scannen1920 / 3840800-1000

240x240mm Series GOB LED Display Module

PixelabstandLED-TypModulgröße (MM)Modul PixelFahrmodusBildwiederholfrequenz (Hz)Helligkeit (Nissen)
P1.875mm1515 (schwarze LED)240*240128*1281/64Scan3840800-1000
P2,5 mm2121 (schwarze LED)240*24096*961/32 Scannen1920 / 3840800-1000

Other Series GOB LED Screen Module

PixelabstandLED-TypModulgröße (MM)Modul PixelFahrmodusBildwiederholfrequenz (Hz)Helligkeit (Nissen)
P2mm1515 (schwarze LED)256*128128*641/32 Scannen1920 / 3840800-1000
P2,5 mm2121 (schwarze LED)160*16064*641/32 Scannen1920 / 3840800-1000
P3mm2121 (schwarze LED)192*19264*641/32 Scannen1920 / 3840800-1000
Waterproof GOB LED Display Module 320×160