600×337.5mm 16:9 Golden Ratio LED Display Screen

4 : 3 Cabinet Size Design with 400*300mm dimension, high flatness, easy to install and disassemble, High difinition quality in an HD LED display

16:9 Cabinet Design

Leeman HD LED Video Wall Display 16:9 LED display with Cabinet’s 16:9 resolution, is specialized for command center. Perfect replacement for LCD display. Die cast aluminum cabinet, guarantee you a flat and seamless screen. Good uniformity. Dot-to-dot correction technology provide you pure image with great gradation.

Perfekte Schrankstruktur

Unique Cabinet Design with elegant appearance and human layout, easy installation and maintenance,
angenehm für das Auge mit großem visuellem Erlebnis.

Frontal Service

The front servicealbe Ultra HD LED screen cabinet has fully described the strength of its light weight,
met the needs of small space or where the needs of the cabinet thickness is needed,
enhanced the vision of the space as well as its visionary effect. It allows for easy maintenance, saving time and labor on site.

High Definition, Bringing perfect visual experience

HD LED Video Wall Display 16:9 SERIES 600mmX337.5mm With a cabinet ratio 16 : 9, the LED display is bespoke in size, flexible in installation and compatible with all the prevailing video formats,
making it easier to create FHD, 2K, 4K and 8K video wall.

High quality LED Panel

LEEMAN 16:9 ratio LED screen adapts high quality LED panel. Support smart modules, support correcting data storage, Support module temperature detection, Support voltage detection, Support dot to dot correction.

Seamless Splicing

Seamless splicing design with better cabinet connectors, top / down fast locks, and left/ right fast locks, offering the audience excellent visual experience without any gaps and the LED disply with ultra high flatness.

N169 HD LED Display

LED-TypN / A SMD1010 SMD1010 SMD1515 SMD1515
Schutz vor EindringenIPIP54
Weg scannenN / A1/301/321/301/30
Modul PixelPixel160×135128×106160×9080×68
ModulwartungN / AVorderseite
SchrankmaterialN / ADie-Casting Aluminum
Digitale VerarbeitungBit14/16
FarbtemperaturGrad K4.500-8.500 Einstellbar
Helligkeits KontrolleN / A255
KontrastverhältnisN / A4000:01:00
Betrachtungswinkel HGrad140
Betrachtungswinkel VGrad140
AC SperationvAC90~264
Stromverbrauch (Max./Durchschn.)W/m2800/250 (Schätzung)
Speichertemp.F/C-4 ~ 140F/-20C ~ +60C
LagerfeuchtigkeitRH10% ~ 85%
Betriebstemp.F/C-4F ~ 140F/-20C ~ +60
BetriebsfeuchtigkeitRH10% ~ 85%
Liftzeit (50% Helligkeit)Stunde100,000
SteuermodusN / AVideosynchronisierung


160×135 dots/module
480*270 dots/cabinet
600*337.5*60mm Cabinet


128×106 dots/module
384*216 dots/cabinet
600*337.5*60mm Cabinet


160×90 dots/module
320*180 dots/cabinet
600*337.5*60mm Cabinet


80×68 dots/module
240*135 dots/cabinet
600*337.5*60mm Cabinet

N169 Fine Pixel COB LED Display Board 600mmX337.5mm