640X480mm Frontal Service LED Display Screen

640×480 Front Service LED Display Screen, ultra lightweight,magnesium alloy cabinet design, 4:3 cabinet size with 640*480mm dimension, flatness, easy to install and disassemble

640×480mm LED display screen

New Product 640×480mm Series LED Display LED video wall for indoor fixed installation applications. fine pixels, perfect desgin,
front service for LED power supply, cards and modules, ultra lightweight, Die Casting Aluminum Cabinet design
with LCD Status Display, 4:3 ratio cabinet with 640*480mm dimension, flatness, easy to install and disassemble

Estructura perfecta

High standard industry leading design, Top handle groove design, easy to carry. Hard magnesium alloy cabinet bottom case
for better heat dissipation. Up and down, left and right fast lock design for convient installation and assemble.
Attentive lamp care design, the cabinet will not be broken after deviating from 15 degree or more.

Full Front Maintenance

LEEMAN MA640 series 640×480 Fine Pixels Led Screen  adapts full front service desgin, the LED display modules, led power supplies and the LED control cards
can be replaced in front easilly. the LED modules is assembled in front with magnetic features.

4:3 ratio Cabinet Design

LEEMAN MA640 Series 640×480 Front Service LED Display indoor fixed installation LED Screen is designed with 4:3 golden ratio, the cabinet size is 640*480mm.
specially designed for a variety of 4:3 and 16:9 LED large screens.

Seamless Splicing, Excellent display experience

Seamless splicing design with fast locks and simplicity internal wiring, which perfectly realizes the splicing of the cabinet.
the LED display has no gaps and the LED screen is ultra high flatness.

MA640 Series LED Display

ModelTamaño de píxelTamaño del móduloScan MethodTamaño del gabinetePeso del gabineteBrightness (CD/m2)
S640-1.251,25 mm320x160mm1/32 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
S640-1.371.37mm320x160mm1/29 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
S640-1.531.53mm320x160mm1/26 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
S640-1.661.66mm320x160mm1/32 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
S640-1.831.83mm320x160mm1/29 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
S640-1.861.86mm320x160mm1/43 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
S640-22 mm320x160mm1/40 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
S640-2.52,5 mm320x160mm1/32 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
S640-3.073,07 mm320x160mm1/26 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
S640-44mm320x160mm1/20 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
S640-55mm320x160mm1/16 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200


192*96 dots/module
384*288 dots/cabinet


80*40 dots/module
160*120 dots/cabinet


160*60 dots/module
320*240 dots/cabinet


64*32 dots/module
128*96 dots/cabinet


128*64 dots/module
256*192 dots/cabinet


104*52 dots/module
208*156 dots/cabinet

MA640 Series 640×480 GOB Front Service LED Display