Pantalla LED de alquiler de servicio frontal MAGIC500 PRO

Leeman Indoor Outdoor Rental LED Display Cabinet 1000×500 thin Design with Detachable back cover, High Precision Curve Lock for Curved Installation,Corner Protector for LED, Magnetic Module, High Waterproof and Modules are arranged regardless of left and right

LEEMAN HD Rental LED Display

Leeman Display XR Series Rental LED Display New design incorporates many aesthetic elements, adopts High strength die-casting aluminum,
only 7.5kg per cabinet.better performance with high definition visual display.

Ligero y delgado

Leeman XR series Rental LED display with ultra thin cabinet design, the thickness is only 80mm.
Die-cast aluminum cabinet design light and easy to transport, good flatness and seamless.

Estructura perfecta

has the domestic top design team,the design innovation has its own unique philosophy,with a number of core technologies.
Innovative structural design,avant-garde body lines,Give you extraordinary experience.

Fast Installation

LEEMAN LED Indoor Outdoor Rental LED Display Cabinet 1000×500 Auto-locking system for fast and easy 1 man installation with ultimate safty and pixel protection

Servicio de Doble Mantenimiento

LEEMAN XR Series Rental LED Display is dual maintenance product, not only 100% front accessable but also can do rear service..
The LED panels are magnetic and can be removed by tools from front side in 5 seconds. easy and convient, save you cost and labor

Seamless Display and Better Visual Effects

LEEMANLED High precision aluminum cabinet frame make seamless splicing image and video display, offering you the perfect visual experience you desire from any angles.The picture quality confronts viewers with an entirely new sensory experience.

Intelligent Management

LEEMAN XR Series Rental LED Display cabinet backside with status LED display which can show the working conditions
such as working temperature, working voltage, the screen lifespan and the DVI signal.

Multi Installation Way of Cabinet

LEEMAN Support 3 installation ways of cabinet with hanging installation, concave& convex installation, stack installation.

Dual Service Frontal Rear Rental LED Display

tono de píxel2.604mm2,976 mm3,91 mm4,81 mm
Píxeles por gabinete192×192 (alto x ancho)168×168 (alto x ancho)128×128 (alto x ancho)104×104 (alto x ancho)
Vida útil del LED100 000 h (vídeo: brillo 50%)
Brillo≥1000 liendres;
Tamaño del módulo250*250mm
Resolución del módulo96*96 puntos84*84 puntos64*64 puntos52*52 puntos
Frecuencia de actualización960-1920Hz
Hora ángulo de visión140° +/-5° (@brillo 50%)
Vert. ángulo de visión140° +/-5° (@brillo 50%)
Uniformidad de brillo>98%
Nivel de gris14 bits
Consumo medio de energía350 W/m²320 W/m²300 W/m²280 W/m²
Consumo máximo de energía680 W/m²640 W/m²620 W/m²600 W/m²
Tensión de alimentación de funcionamiento100-240V / 50-60Hz
Temperatura de funcionamiento-10°C a +40°C / 14°F a 104°F
Humedad operativa10-80%
Clasificación del IPIP54 para interior, IP65 para exterior
Dimensiones500 x 500 x 80 mm (WxHxD)/ 19.6 x 19.6 x 3.14 inch (WxHxD)
Peso / Baldosa7,5 kg / 16,53 libras
UtilidadServicio de anverso y reverso
CertificacionesCE, UL, FCC clase A, RoHS, WEE, REACH
Garantía2 años de garantía estándar del producto


96*96 puntos/módulo
Panel de 250*250mm
Pantalla interior y exterior


84*84 puntos/módulo
Panel de 250*250mm
Pantalla interior y exterior


64*64 puntos/módulo
Panel de 250*250mm
Pantalla interior y exterior


52*52 puntos/módulo
Panel de 250*250mm
Pantalla interior y exterior

LEEMAN NG500 Series 500×500 Rental LED Display P1.5 P1.9 P2.6 P2.9 P3.9 P4.8