MAGIC500 PRO Front Service Rental LED Display

Leeman 500×500 Outdoor Detachable Display a LED a noleggio thin Design with Detachable back cover, High Precision Curve Lock for Curved Installation,Corner Protector for LED, Magnetic Module, High Waterproof and Modules are arranged regardless of left and right

LEEMAN MAX 500 Series LED Display

Leeman MAX 500 Series Indoor & Outdoor LED Display is LEEMAN latest LED display product with unique design and feature.
the back cover is Removable. the display visual effect is better, the image and video is more clean with uniformity color.

More Muture

Leeman MAX 500 Series Back Cover Detachable Indoor Rental LED Display 500mmx1000mm LED Screen is a more mature and more stable LED display product with the features of solid, easy, simple, precise, fast. the product can meet various requirements of indoor & outdoor applications.

Leggero e sottile

MAX500 Series LED display cabinet is portable and good stability with weight of 7.1kg of indoor LED display and 7.5kg of outdoor LED display, the cabinet thickness is only 80mm. the cabinet size is 500×500mm。 the feature of lightweight make the LED display is easy to carry, transport and install, saving good amount of money on your labor costs.

Struttura perfetta

LEEMAN MAX 500 Series 500×500 Outdoor Detachable Rental LED Display with perfect cabinet from lifting handle, fast locks, panel handle, removable power & receiving box, hidden test button, stack installation joggle, power & signal indicator, power connector, signal connector

Quick Removable

LEEMAN MAX 500 Series P2.976 Outdoor Detachable Rental LED Display 500*500mm is designed with quick removable back cover for Power & Receiving box & hub board & connectors.
the procuct is for different pixel pitches of indoor & outdoor installation.

Front service or Back service

LEEMAN MAX 500 Series Back Cover Detachable P2.604mm LED Display 500mmx500mm is designed with Magnetic front service or Back service with screw. Strong handle for LED module.
There are 10 magnetics for each LED display module with strong installation pins.

High Quality Module

LEEMAN MAX 500 Series LED Display use Mask with screws. Convex surface No deformation. Strengthen edges. the LED display is High contrast ratio, High uniformity, High flatness and High alignment. Ultra viewing angle. Anti-collision protection for LEDs

Excellent Quality

LEEMAN MAX 500 Series 500*500mm Dual Maintenance Rental LED Display Screen use Black LED. the product is High refresh rate, high contrast ratio, no ghosting.
Excellent visual quality, zero-gap alignment. No AB module(no up and down direction installation) Strengthen housing structure design, no deformation.

Easy Installation

LEEMAN MAX 500 Series LED Display is very easy for installation with Human engineering design. the LED display installation is also very convenient for single person. fast and quickly.

Optimized PCB board design

LEEMAN MAX 500 Series LED Display adopts Optimized PCB board design with 4 layers PCB. There are Calibration-memo in PCB board. Perfect matched with LED display control system. Perfect heat sinking CE / EMC certified optional.

The Control Box

LEEMAN MAX 500 Series LED Display adopts Optimized Control Box with Quick removable without any tools optional. Hidden testing button avoid false touch. Universe hub board for different pixel pitches. No cable connection for power supply & hub board. Optimized heat sinking design and Good quality connector pins.

Modo di installazione

Il display a LED della serie LEEMAN MAX 500 può essere installato con installazione a terra, installazione sospesa, installazione con forma speciale / dislocazione del pannello, installazione concava e convessa Facile, veloce, veloce e risparmia tempo.

Detachable 500mm Series Rental LED Display

Passo pixel2,604 mm2,976 mm3,91 mm4,81 mm
Pixel per cabinet192×192 (AxV)168×168 (AxV)128×128 (AxV)104×104 (AxV)
Durata del LED100.000 ore (video – luminosità 50%)
Luminosità≥1000 nit;
Dimensione del modulo250*250 mm
Risoluzione del modulo96*96 punti84*84 punti64*64 punti52*52 punti
Frequenza di aggiornamento960-1.920Hz
Hor. angolo di visione140° +/-5° (@luminosità 50%)
Vert. angolo di visione140° +/-5° (@luminosità 50%)
Uniformità della luminosità>98%
Livello di grigio14 bit
Consumo energetico medio350W/m²320W/mq300W/mq280W/m²
Consumo energetico massimo680 W/m²640 W/m²620 W/m²600W/mq
Tensione di alimentazione operativa100-240V / 50-60Hz
Temperatura operativada -10°C a +40°C / da 14°F a 104°F
Umidità operativa10-80%
Classificazione IPIP54 per interno, IP65 per esterno
Dimensioni500 x 500 x 80 mm (WxHxD)/ 19.6 x 19.6 x 3.14 inch (WxHxD)
Peso / Piastrella7,5 kg / 16,53 libbre
FunzionalitàServizio fronte e retro
CertificazioniCE, UL, FCC classe A, RoHS, WEE, REACH
Garanzia2 anni di garanzia standard sul prodotto


96*96 punti/modulo
Pannello 250*250 mm
500*500 mm
Display per interni ed esterni


84*84 punti/modulo
Pannello 250*250 mm
500*500 mm
Display per interni ed esterni


64*64 punti/modulo
Pannello 250*250 mm
500*500 mm
Display per interni ed esterni


52*52 punti/modulo
Pannello 250*250 mm
500*500 mm
Display per interni ed esterni

Detachable 500mmx500mm Series Rental LED Display P1.56 P1.95 P2.6 P2.97 P3.91 P4.81