GOB LED Screen Display

GOB LED Screen – Glue on Board
For the GOB (Glue on board) technology, an optical heat-conducting nano-filler is used to encapsulate the panel of the LED by providing it with a matte finish. In this way, a matte effect is achieved on the surface of the LED screen, and the protection capability of the LED screen is enhanced. A GOB display has high protection, which can prevent collision, dust, water, moisture and ultraviolet rays, and will not affect heat dissipation and brightness, thus prolonging the service life.

GOB Advantage
GOB is a technological improvement and extension of the traditional SMD display module technology. That is, in the final process after SMT placement and aging, an epoxy resin is applied to the surface of the module as a whole to achieve anti-collision of the module instead of the traditional mask technology Performance upgrade.

High reliability:
Super transparent, high thermal conductivity epoxy resin as the filling material, to achieve moisture proof, salt spray proof, and dust proof for more kinds of harsh environment.

Sharp display effect:
The module is manufactured and tested in the traditional way to avoid the defects of color difference and moire pattern and to obtain good color uniformity.

Low cost:
Fewer processes of material composition, fewer materials required, and theoretically lower manufacturing costs.

COB LED DISPLAY VS GOB LED DISPLAY: Most might be familiar with COB LED displays, but they may not know about the most up–to–date pixel protection technology called GOB LED display. In this article, we will discuss how GOB or Glue on Board can help protect LED displays.

What is GOB
Glue on board is abbreviated as GOB. It is an epoxy resin that is applied to the surface of surface-mounted display modules to create an overall layer of glue that improves the sealing of SMD displays. It is a technology developed to address the issue of LED lamp protection. GOB LED Display is able to work in any challenging environment, making it water-resistant, dust-proof, shock-resistant, and UV-resistant, it is widely used in restaurants, hotels, bars, and Stadio.