Front And Rear Service LED Display Module

Dual Service LED Display Module 320×320 of front and rear design can meet the requirements of IP68 protection level.
It is a effective full-color SMD 3 in 1 LED sign module with high quality and high brightness 10000nits.
320mm*320mm and 250mm*250mm and 480mm*320mm is available and 5 years warranty is provided.

Dual Service LED Screen Panel

Gold Wire LED Chips

We choose high quality SMD LED chips such as NATIONSTAR, CREE, NICHIA for outdoor front & rear service LED Display modules, ensuring high refresh rate with the best color uniformity.

Easy Assembling

The front and rear service LED module can be replaced or taken out from the front side or real side easily by only one person. No screws design, so it is easier to mount the modules on the cabinet quickly.

SMD 3 in 1 LED Lamp

Adopting high reliable SMD1415, SMD1921, SMD2525, SMD2727 and SMD3535 to ensure outdoor front & rear access LED Display Panels perform high brightness from 5500 CD/m2– 10000 CD/m2.

Dual-mode Maintenancm

Dual Service LED Display Module 250×250 dual maintenance (Front & Rear) outdoor LED display panel , saving the maintenance space and being compatible with hard installation conditions.

Dual Service (Frontal & Rear) Outdoor LED Module

Pixel PitchLEDタイプModule Size(MM)モジュールの解像度運転モードRefresh Rate(Hz)Brightness(Nits)
P3.91mmSMD1921250*25064*641/8Scan1920 / 3840≥6500
P4.8mmSMD1921250*25052*521/7Scan1920 / 3840≥6000
P4mmSMD1921320*32080*801/10Scan1920 / 3840≥6000
P5.3mmSMD1921320*32060*601/8Scan1920 / 3840≥6000
P6.67mmSMD2727320*32048*481/6Scan1920 / 3840≥6500
P8mmSMD3535320*32040*401/5Scan1920 / 3840≥6500
P10mmSMD3535320*32032*321/2Scan1920 / 3840≥8000
P10mmDIP346320*32032*321/4Scan1920 / 3840≥6500
P16mmDIP346320*32020*201/1Scan1920 / 3840≥9000
Outdoor Dual Service LED Display Module 320×320 and 250×250