Outdoor SMD Full Color LED Display Module

SMD Outdoor LED Display P1.9, P2.5, P2.6, P3, P3.076, P3.33, P4, P5, P6, P6.67, P8, P10

Energy Saving
High Contrast
High Resolution
Wide Viewing Angle (160°)
1920Hz ~ 3840Hz
3 Layers Coating Protection

P10 SMD Outdoor LED Display High Brightness

High quality LED brings brightness up to 10,000nits. The pixel pitches are P1.9, P2.6, P2.9, P3, P4, P5, P6, P8, and P10.

960×960 Outdoor LED Display Die Cast Aluminum Cabinet High Resolution

Fine pixel pitches form high resolution which can capture and hold the attention of passersby.

P10 960x960mm Outdoor Iron Cabinet Video Wall Advertising Full Color led Display Stage Video Wall Energy Saving

We use customized PCB and power supply, so average power consumption is less than 150W/㎡. Compared with the similar products in the market, LeemanDisplay Outdoor series LED display saves 20% energy.

960×960 P10 Outdoor Led Display Ultra-wide Viewing Angle

With 160°wide viewing angle, the screen can be seen from as various positions as possible.

Outdoor 960 X 960 Mm Led Panel P4 P5 P6 P8 P10 Outdoor Led Screen Sign Digital Led Billboards Three Layers Coating Protection

Three layers high quality conformal coating protects the driving IC and other electron components from dust and humidity.

Outdoor LED Display P6mm 960 X 960 LED Display High Definition Video LED Panel Manufacturer High Refresh Rate

3840Hz refresh rate for high dynamic range pictures eliminates scan lines and flicker on the display at the moment we capture the display. High grayscale ensures the premium vision and the LED display has vivid visual performance.

P5 Outdoor 960X960 Multifunction LED Display IP65 Grade Protection

IP65 ensures stable operation of the screen even in extreme weather as below: high temperature, low temperature and high humidity.

P5 960×960 Outdoor Die-cast LED Screen High Contrast

High Contrast : The contrast ratio of the LED screen gives a sharp image quality

Outdoor LED Display P6mm 960 X 960 LED Display High Definition Video LED Panel Digital Led Billboards Application Fields

This product is usually used in: Outdoor Advertising; Digital Out of Home(DOOH); Truck.


Pixel Pitch1.953mm2.50mm2.604mm2.976mm
LED TypeSMD1212SMD1415SMD1415SMD1415
Module Resolution128dots × 128dots128dots x 64dots96dots × 96dots84dots × 84dots
Driving Mode1/32scan1/16scan1/16scan1/14scan
Module Pixels16,384dots8,192dots9,216dots7,056dots
Module Size250mm × 250mm320mmx160mm250mm × 250mm250mm × 250mm
Cabinet Size500mm × 500mm960mmx960mm500mm × 500mm500mm × 500mm
Cabinet Resolution256dots × 256dots384dotsx384dots192dots × 192dots168dots × 168dots
Pixel Density262,144dots/㎡160,000dots/㎡147,456dots/㎡112,896dots/㎡
Minimum Viewing Distance≥1.9m≥2.5m≥2.6m≥2.9 m
Brightness4,000nits (Black)4,500nits(Black)4,000nits (Black)4,000nits (Black)
IP GradeIP65IP65IP65IP65
Refresh Rate1,920Hz~3,840Hz3,840Hz1,920Hz~3,840Hz1,920Hz~3,840Hz
Gray Scale13 bits~24bits13 bits~24bits13 bits~24bits13 bits~24bits
Viewing AngleH:160° / V:160°H:170° / V:120°H:160° / V:160°H:160° / V:160°
Maximum Power Consumption800W/㎡1000W/㎡800W/㎡800W/㎡
Average Power Consumption230W/㎡240W/㎡230W/㎡230W/㎡
Input VoltageAC220V~AC110V @ 50Hz / 60HzAC220V~AC110V @ 50Hz / 60HzAC220V~AC110V @ 50Hz / 60HzAC220V~AC110V @ 50Hz / 60Hz
Operating Temperature﹣20℃~65℃﹣20℃~60℃﹣20℃~65℃﹣20℃~65℃
Operating Humidity10%~90%10%~90%10%~90%10%~90%
Cabinet MaterialDie-casting AluminumDie-casting AluminumDie-casting AluminumDie-casting Aluminum
Cabinet Weight30kg/㎡30kg/㎡30kg/㎡30kg/㎡
Operating SystemWindows (Win7, Win8, etc.)Windows (Win7, Win8, etc.)Windows (Win7, Win8, etc.)Windows (Win7, Win8, etc.)
Signal Source CompatibilityDVI, HDMI1.3, DP1.2, SDI, HDMI2.0, etc.DVI, HDMI1.3, DP1.2, SDI, HDMI2.0, etc.DVI, HDMI1.3, DP1.2, SDI, HDMI2.0, etc.DVI, HDMI1.3, DP1.2, SDI, HDMI2.0, etc.
Outdoor SMD Full Color LED Display Module
Outdoor SMD Full Color LED Display 960×960