Telão LED de aluguel de serviço frontal MAGIC500 PRO

Leeman Front Service Telão LED de aluguel 500×500 thin Design with Detachable back cover, High Precision Curve Lock for Curved Installation,Corner Protector for LED, Magnetic Module, High Waterproof and Modules are arranged regardless of left and right. Indoor & outdoor rental LED Display LED Screen, high quality, high brightness & high refresh rate LED video wall with better visual effect.

Outdoor Frontal Service Rental LED display

Leeman LED Screen Rental Video Display 500×500 MAGIC500 PRO Rental LED display is outdoor Frontal service LED screen.
Frontal and Rear maintance is available for LED Panels and Power Box.
Perfect Design with new techology and elegant appearance,

LEEMAN lighweight, Slim design

LED Screen Rental 500*500mm standard cabinet size, Leeman-Light die-casting aluminum. ultra-thin thickness with 80mm. For easy transport and Portable;

Perfect Cabinet Design With Each Part

Leeman Audiovisual Equipment Rental Service MAGIC500 PRO Rental LED display is designed with aesthetics and industrial idea. Excellent product came in all details from cabinet handle. cabinet fxied slot, fast lock, magnet adsorption module, module installation knob, Power& signal connector, detachable power boxing, and more

Dual Service Design

Leeman MAGIC500 PRO Rental LED Screen adopts Magnet Adsorption LED Panel to make the cabinet is accessed with frontal & rear design. easy installation for LED panels.

Detachable Back Cover, High Waterproof

Hard Connection Design with detachable Power box and HUB Poard, High IP65 Waterproof with Double Sealing Rubber Ring,
Quick Mounting of Buckles for assamble and disassamble of back cover.

High Precision Curve Lock

High Precision Curve Lock design (-10° to +10°) is adopted to solve the problem that the old curved lock is difficult to use before.
Rotational control, more accurate, easy to use and quickly adjust curve degree.

Protetor de canto para LED

Leeman Front Service Rental LED Display 500×500 MAGIC500 PRO front service LED sign has four corner protectors in each corner to prevent LED to be damaged, more security for transport, installation, operation, assemble & disassemble foldable design, and easy to use.

Telão LED de aluguel de serviço frontal MAGIC500 PRO

Passo de pixels2,604mm2,976 mm3,91 mm4,81 mm
Pixels por gabinete192 × 192 (AxV)168 × 168 (AxV)128 × 128 (AxV)104 × 104 (AxV)
Vida útil do LED100.000h (vídeo – brilho 50%)
Brilho≥1000 nits;
tamanho do módulo250*250mm
resolução do módulo96*96 pontos84*84 pontos64*64 pontos52*52 pontos
Taxa de atualização960-1.920 Hz
Hor. ângulo de visão140° +/-5° (@50% brilho)
Vert. ângulo de visão140° +/-5° (@50% brilho)
Uniformidade de brilho>98%
Nível de cinza14 bits
Consumo médio de energia350 W/m²320 W/m²300 W/m²280 W/m²
Consumo máximo de energia680 W/m²640 W/m²620 W/m²600 W/m²
Tensão de alimentação de operação100-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Temperatura operacional-10°C a +40°C / 14°F a 104°F
Umidade operacional10-80%
classificação IPIP54 para interior, IP65 para exterior
Dimensões500 x 500 x 80 mm (WxHxD)/ 19.6 x 19.6 x 3.5 inch (WxHxD)
Peso / Ladrilho7,5 kg / 16,53 libras
Facilidade de manutençãoServiço frente e verso
CertificaçõesCE, UL, FCC classe A, RoHS, WEE, REACH
garantia2 anos de garantia padrão do produto


96*96 pontos/módulo
250*250mm Painel
Exibição interna e externa


84*84 pontos/módulo
250*250mm Painel
Exibição interna e externa


64*64 pontos/módulo
250*250mm Painel
Exibição interna e externa


52*52 pontos/módulo
250*250mm Painel
Exibição interna e externa

MAGIC500 PRO 500×500 Front Service Rental LED Display P1.56 P1.95 P2.6 P2.97 P3.91 P4.81