COB LED Screen

新しい COB 防水屋内 LED スクリーン P0.9 P1.25 P1.56 フル フロント サービス LED パネル ディスプレイ ファイン ピクセル スモール ピッチ LED ビデオ ウォール 600*337.5mm

P0.7 P0.9 P1.25 COB LED Screen COB Flip Chip on Board, with ultra-small dot pitch and self-developed ink packaging process, the COB (Chip on board) technology has such advantages as ultra-high contrast, ink color consistency, high reliability, excellent surface light source, absence of glare, more energy-saving cold screen and chip scale packaging, which provides a better display effect and perfect close-up experience. Self-developed COB technology, Ultimate Display, ultra-thin integrated aesthetic design, Perfect module bonding. Using self-developed technology to achieve consistency of ink color and brightness; to eliminate color difference; Fine-tune screen colors to match the standard gamut.Ultra-thin integrated design, high screen ratio; Let the eyes focus on the screen, more […]

GOB LED Screen Display

4K COB LED ディスプレイ & 8K COB LED ビデオウォール

GOB LED Screen – Glue on Board For the GOB (Glue on board) technology, an optical heat-conducting nano-filler is used to encapsulate the panel of the LED by providing it with a matte finish. In this way, a matte effect is achieved on the surface of the LED screen, and the protection capability of the LED screen is enhanced. A GOB display has high protection, which can prevent collision, dust, water, moisture and ultraviolet rays, and will not affect heat dissipation and brightness, thus prolonging the service life. GOB Advantage GOB is a technological improvement and extension of the traditional SMD display module technology. That is, in the final process […]

MIP LED Screen Display P1.25mm

Pixel pitch of LED displays is a crucial factor you should consider. For outdoors, you may need a LED display with high brightness but less requirement for pixel pitches. Normally, outdoor LED displays exceed P2.0 and higher in pixel pitch. But if you need high definition for stage or indoor display, small pixel pitch LED display is necessary. In recent years, as LED technology evolves, small pixel pitch LEDs has expanded LED display application for indoor usages. As demand for smaller and smaller pixel pitch LED displays raised, Mini LED and Micro LED displays emerged, hence the MiP technology was born and MiP LED displays become more and more popular. […]



Stage Light Price – Leeman Display Technology Limited Moving Head Light And Led Moving Head Light Series: 200W 5R Sharpy Beam Moving Head Light is 120USD 230W 7R Sharpy Beam Moving Head Light is 140USD 350W 17R Beam Moving Head Light is 190USD 350W 17R Spot/Wash/Beam 3 in 1 Moving Head Light is 320USD 280W 10R Beam Spot Wash 3in1 Moving Head Light is 250USD 260W 10R Beam Moving Head Light is 200USD 380W Beam Moving Head Light is 250USD Waterproof 350W 17R Sharpy Beam Moving Head Light is 400USD Waterproof 450W Sharpy Beam Moving Head Light is 500USD 600W Led Profile Spot Wash 3 in 1 Moving Head Light […]



Projector Price list – Leeman Display Technology Limited LEEMAN LED Projector, Model LMH90, Brightness LED1200lumens(40ANSI), Price is 20USD LEEMAN LED Projector, Model LMP268, Brightness LED1200lumens(40ANSI), Price is 22USD LEEMAN LED Projector, Model LMP280, Brightness LED1200lumens(40ANSI), Price is 24USD LEEMAN LED Projector, Model LMP368, Brightness LED2400lumens(80ANSI), Price is 28USD LEEMAN LED Projector, Model LMP6000, Brightness LED2400lumens(80ANSI), Price is 20USD LEEMAN LED Projector, Model LMP5800, Brightness LED6800lumens(450ANSI), Price is 82USD LEEMAN LED Projector, Model LMB450, Brightness LED1500lumens(150ANSI), Price is 36USD LEEMAN LED Projector, Model LMB480, Brightness LED1500lumens(350ANSI), Price is 50USD LEEMAN LED Projector, Model LMUC18, Brightness LED400lumens, Price is 20USD LEEMAN LED Projector, Model LMUC28+, Brightness LED400lumens, Price is 22USD LEEMAN LED […]

P1.86 インドア スモール ピッチ カーブド フロント サービス LED ディスプレイ

                                      Previous Next P1.86 Indoor LED Display Screen 640mmx480mm is LeemanLED’s recently completed indoor curved front maintenance LED display using a flexible small pitch P1.86 module.The advantage of the flexible module is that it can be bent within certain limits for better visual impact. This display uses a P1.86 small pitch module with a size of 320x160mm. The small pitch of this module allows for a more detailed picture. It uses two 640×1280 and one 960×1280 curved cabinets to form an arc with an area of 2240×1280. The radius of the circle […]

P10 屋外固定設置キャビネット LED ディスプレイからイタリアへ

Previous Next This is a Platinum P10 Outdoor Fixed LED Display 960×960 to be shipped to Italy. This LED display uses a solution where the cables are connected from the inside of the cabinet, avoiding the clutter of cables seen from the outside. The dimensions of the individual cabinets are 960x960mm. This batch is assembled with 28 0.96 sqm cabinets to form a large 6.72×3.84m display. High quality P10 2s 320×320 outdoor LED module. High quality P10 320×160 outdoor LED module. This product uses high quality outdoor P10 2S module with brightness up to 6000cd/m2 and refresh rate up to 1920Hz, which can reach IP65 level of protection with the […]

インタラクティブなダンスフロア LED ディスプレイ

With the development of modern society and the advancement of technology, the interactive Interactive Dance floor LED Display provides a more efficient means for the stage show, which is a useful supplement to the current stage display equipment, and also provides a prospective market direction for the LED display manufacturing enterprises. Leeman Dance Floor LED Screen uses a high strength resin Mask and high performance protective structure to ensure high load-bearing capacity [500kg/S (S≥160×160 mm)]. Fully enclosed heat dissipation structure, to make LED display achieving IP65 protection level. Modular design, can be easily connected next panel. seamless splicing. With special high strength resin mask. the performance of water-proof is good,and with high image fidelity, good evenness, […]

フロント サービス LED スクリーン

Outdoor high level Front Service LED Display Reliable quality, high luminance , P6.67, P8, P10 , P10 DIP, P16 is available, standard 320x320mm module.Our Outdoor front service LED sign series provides tons of convenience to all of our customers, that too in budget-friendly charges. All of them have a track record of satisfying customer’s needs proficiently, without any flaw. Choose anyone and feel the difference. Our Outdoor front service LED sign series provides tons of convenience to all of our customers, that too in budget-friendly charges. The P6.67 Outdoor Front Service LED Display Sign Brightness (cd/㎡): ≥6,000 Best Viewing Distance: ≥ 6m Avg. Power Consumption:  230 W/㎡ Lifetime: 100,000 hours […]

Rental LED Screen

Rental LED Screen Stage LED display is also called stage background LED display which is usually installed in the places such as stage, theme show, wedding, concert, large-scale concerts, music tour, road show, fashion shows and so on. Leeman Stage Rental LED display are good well designed, stable, reliable, portable, beautifull, high quality LED display products. They come in various sizes and pixel pitch, offering shocking display effect and vivid image and visual experience to viewers. Based on the latest SMD LED technology, Leeman stage LED display combines amazing design, cabinet structure, refresh rage, color and contrast for excellent viewing experience. As a core product of Leemanled, the stage LED display has been continuously upgraded to […]

Commercial LED Screen

Outdoor Commercial LED Display Screen Cabinet Say WOW with our high-end, quality outdoor LED Display screen Cabinet because they are considered best in the industry. We have been into this industry for years and making customers happy with our display cabinets like P4 Outdoor LED Display High definition Advertising LED Screen, P6 Outdoor Large LED Display Panel SMD3535 768x768mm, P5 Outdoor High Definition Advertising LED Display LED Sign 640×640, P10 Outdoor LED Video Screen SMD35351/2 duty 960x960mm Cabinet, P10 Outdoor SMD LED Display Screen LED Sign 960×960, P10 Outdoor DIP Advertising LED Display LED Advertising Sign 960×960 or any other cabinet. All of them are tested, will fulfill your requirement in […]


P1.5 P1.953 P2.604 P2.976 P3.91 P4.81 LED Screen. Our client in the US recently received our P3.91 indoor rental LED display and immediately used it on a concert stage and shared this photo with us. This is this customer’s second purchase and continues to be very satisfied with our products and services. Product Model:P3.91 Indoor SMD2121 Screen Size:3000 x 2000 mm(W*H) Location: large stage in USA Installation time: May 24th  2021 Application:  advertising LED screen,  KFC ad LED sign,  Restaurant chain LED screen , Indoor stage LED screen